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Shuji Nakagawa
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1968 Born in Kyoto,Japan.
1992 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University sculpture course, Faculty of Art
1992 Started woodwork in his father's studio.
1996 Received a superior prize at The Kyoto arts and crafts contest.
1998 Received the grand prize at The Kyoto arts and crafts contest.
2001-2005 Served as part-time teacher in Kyoto University of Art and Design.
2003 Opened own studio "Nakagawa Mokkougei HIRAKOUBOU" in Otsu-City, Shiga.
2007 Installed artwork in festival walk Soga in Chiba.
2009 Installed artwork of SUNMESSE nichinan in Miyazaki.
2009 Solo exhibition Keiou gallery in Tokyo.
2009 Solo exhibition Daimaru gallery in Kyoto.
2010 Created formal champagne cooler for Don Perignon.
2011 Solo exhibition at Hanshin gallery in Osaka.
2011 Future Artefacts in Milano salone by sfera.

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