Maison&objet january 2013

We exhibited our works at Maison&objet.We announced theres in two booths.
One of Sfera and Japan Handmade.

Precious Wood.

Newly launched brand “Shuji” by a director Shigeo Mashiro of Sfera released its first series, “Precious wood”. We exhibited this beautiful rounded shape bucket, a fine combination of Kouyamaki (sciadopitys verticillata, Japanese umbrella pine) and Jindai-sugi (lignitised Japanese cedar, buried in the ground for longer than 2000 years) at MAISON&OBJET in January 2012 and 2013. Two trees are very precious as its name suggests. We are developing this series as an art object at the same time.

Champaign cooler,KONOHA

It took two years to finish working on this champagne cooler, repeatedly testing. It took a process of trial and error while Mr. Imai of LINK UP INC. kept visiting our studio. To meet his expectations for angular-shaped wooden buckets, I was spending days of testing the limits of the wood. I have thought that I should give up but I finally witnessed that the function, beauty and technique concentrated into one. When I reached the idea of making top part of the bucket sharp and the bottom part rounded enough so that a hoop would stay tight, all the designing and technical problems were resolved. The oval shape gives elegance and ease of use. This champagne cooler was a turning point of my creative activities.

Fortunately, Konoha was selected as an official cooler for Dom Perignon.