Shuji Nakagawa create his works using a various woodwork techniques especially
 Japanese traditional buckets (ki-oke) technique.His traditional wooden buckets (ki-oke) are made by arranging strips of woodinto a circle then binding them with a metal or bamboo strip on the outside. This technique is said to have been established in the Muromachi period in Japan, some 700 years ago. In the Edo period, virtually every household used this wooden bucket, in the bath, or in the kitchin for keeping rice or miso.
 Each family had many wooden buckets for various purposes. Although this item has been used for over 500 years, in contemporary times, it is rapidly disappearing. However, the techniques and embedded spirit for making this bucket still have value for today's lifestyle.
 Shuji aims to preserve continue this tradition and to further the beauty of wood and wooden buckets to incorporate them into modern life.

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