In woodworking we classify wood ashardwood, softwood or exotic wood.We use mainly softwood. We only use selectedwood materials native to Japan for our products.

Kiso-sawara (Japanese Sawara Cypress grownin Kiso area in Nagano prefecture
The wood is lightweight and beautifulyellowish blown color.
It is used for ohitsu(rice bowl) andsushi-oke (sushi bowl) as it is highly-absorbent and acid-resistant.
It gives off a mild aroma which does notdisturb the taste of the food.

Koya-maki (Japanese Umbrella Pine grown inKiso area in Nagano prefecture)
The wood is beautiful white color and hastransparent resin.
It is commonly used for bath tubs or yuoke(bucket for hot water) as it is resistant to water.
It is appreciated for making containers forcold dishes such as sashimiplates, pitchers or ice pales for its noble whitecolor.

Kiso-hinoki (Japanese Cypress grown in Kisoarea in Nagano Prefecture)
The wood is resistant to water andeasily-worked. It is used for bath tubs.
It has antibacterial property and itsfragrant is said to have a relaxation effect.
Yoshino-sugi (Japanese Cedar grown inYoshino area in Nara Prefecture)
It has the strong grain pattern anddistinctive character.
It is commonly used for sake utensils asits wooden aroma is excellent with Japanese sake. It is often used forfurniture as its color would deepen by aging.

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